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Slow Emergency

Plexiglass and clay

Castlegar Sculpurewalk May 2016 - April 2017

"Martin has crafted clear rectangular boxes stacked in varying heights, mimicking beehives in an apiary.
Connected by steel rods, they are heaped with interlinkedwhite hexagonal clay pieces, the shape replicating the tight cells
of beeswax that make up the honeycomb. Some of these interlinked hexagons will be open to the elements, placed in
trees around the installation.

It is an ephemeral, ever changing work; some of the external links may fall or deteriorate in the natural environment.
It symbolizes not only the links lost by the dramatic reduction in bee populations, but also that everything is connected in nature,
including us. Her inventive sculpture on display showcases her artistic vision and awareness.

Slow Emergency is cleverly realized and thematically socially/environmentally conscious –
astutely highlighting the fragility of key linkages." Bob Mcpherson, Castlegar Sculpturewalk   

Adrian Wagner Photography



Photo Credit : Trint Thomas

Plexiglass fabrication
Thanks, Kari and Lorne for all of your help.