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Guilty Treasures
SaskTerra Exhibition


Title: This is What 50 Looks Like
Medium: Clay, acrylic paint, glass jar, key rings

Artist Statement:

This piece was inspired by a text message that was sent when my husband was test-driving a sports car. His friend texted his wife, “This is what 50 looks like” with an image of the sports car attached.  Hitting middle age and buying a sports car seem to go together but are indeed a "guilty treasure". So inspired by this, I created 50 Mercedes Benz replica key fobs.


Title: Guilty Treasures Tulips
Medium: Clay, acrylic paint, plastic and cardstock

Artist Statement:

Package contains 19 tulips to mark each Tulip Painting of mine either lost, stolen or damaged
- Standing Alone Series - 13 pieces
- Abundance Series - 2 pieces
- Touch Series - 2 pieces
- Secrets  Series 2 pieces

** Some pieces remain lost, others have been recovered and others were not reparable

The tulip depicted on the bag tag is “The World Friendship” tulip. I worked with Maveridge Bulbs in the Netherlands, who developed this tulip. I helped in the naming of this tulip and bringing it into the tulip market as a symbol of friendship and peace through the World Tulip Summit Society.

Can you spot the clay tulip bulbs???? There are only 4 real tulip bulbs in this photo.