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Ink Slab Group Exhibition

Tru Gallery - Kamloops, British Columbia

Forest Gold (Series)

Artist Statement
Monique Martin

Ink on Gold-Mining Maps

Inspired by the work Im Walde by Max Klinger, or being in a forest in the fall, makes me awe in the work of birds.
Working on these prints while living in France, I watched an entire area of forest on the outskirts of Paris cleared.
Each day more and more trees were felled. Birds that had so carefully built and planned their nests would have to start again.
It was sad for me—as humans we dislike starting over and beginning again.  A mining company in
Saskatoon shut down and were throwing out old maps. The damage to the birds’
environment was inspiration for using the maps. Their topographical lines look like the rhythmic and
intentional patterns of a bird nest.

Forest Gold #9
Ink on Gold Mining Maps
9 x 9"

Nest Building VII
Ink on Vintage Building Blueprints
10 x 14

Nest Building IV
Ink on Vintage Building Blueprints
10 x 14