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In the Absence of Soil - - Between Here and Never Again

Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, WA

August 6 - Dec 6, 2015


Dirt, and the absence and the ephemeral quality of dirt is the focus of this piece. The bulbs created from 9 pieces of paper are suspended in time, becoming less full as the piece progresses from left to right. The individual bulbs are 3D but are also able to be flattened. The layering of various types of soil in various parts of the Netherlands is interesting in the 3D paper bulbs.  The bulbs are created from pages in the book “Holland from the Air” by Holland from the Air Leo Riede Published by KLM / Reader's Digest (1987-01-01). This piece is interactive while reflecting upon the loss of dirt. The visitors will have access to a few of the bulbs to manipulate and encouraged to think about the fact that without dirt there will be no bulbs and none of the things that bulbs produce. The entire bulb industry would collapse without dirt but interestingly enough the bulb industry in the Netherlands began with the reclaiming of dirt from the sea. This collapse is reflected in the collapsing of the 3D bulbs to flat. Walking through the fields it is not uncommon to find seashells in the fields of tulips. In making the tulips bulbs from images of this area it become more powerful that the dirt in this area is really not supposed to be there and the farmers spend a lot of time trying not to lose the land back to the sea.

In the Absence of Soil – Between Here and Never Again
Altered Book
24 x 5 x 2", 60 x 12.5 x 5cm