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The Pebble Does Not Know the Ripple it Leaves on the Pond

Ink on Paper
52 colour silkscreen, hand drawn positive technique -  Edition of 24
10.5 x 15.25 inches
2021 (started at the end of lockdown 2020, finished one year later, about one colour per week)

There is one colour to mark each week of the year 2020 the year that was different, when the pebble, Covid, was thrown into our world pond.

“The Pebble Does Not Know the Ripple It Leaves on the Pond”. Long title, I know, but do we ever know the ripples we leave on the pond of life?

This piece inspired by the ripples COVID is leaving on our world. Since we do not know what ripples we leave on the pond of life, be kind,
you don’t know the backstory on each other’s lives. Just like this pandemic, we have no idea what ripples our decisions leave on the pond that is our world.