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Pebble in a Pond

My experience during Covid. One colour a day for each day of isolation.

45 colour Silkscreen

10.5 x 16.5", 26.6 x 42 cm


We all make a difference in this world, especially in this time of Covid. One person not following the isolation guidelines can cause a ripple in the world pond. One person affecting others they don’t even know. During lockdown I created a “Pebble in a pond” silkscreen and added one colour a day to the image of a pond with ripples on the water.

This is my piece to mark this time in world history, I figure it is better than a t-shirt saying, “I survived quarantine”.  T-shirts wear out and marks on the wall like a prisoner are sort of depressing, I wanted to do something permanent that had meaning. 
I silkscreened one colour a day for each day of isolation/quarantine/lock down.  Some of the lines in the piece are narrower than a pencil line. This has been an extremely difficult piece to make, technically and mentally.

I selected this image of a pond to create, because Covid19 was a pebble thrown into the pond, that is our world.  It has caused ripples that cross all countries, generations and social classes. No one is safe from the ripples. I made 12 of these pieces to mark the year that changed everything.

The Pebble in a Pond concept first came to me in grade 9 during an English class lecture about how characters in a novel affect each other through their actions. At the time, I drew a little sketch of ripples, and since that time I have doodled it many times. I can still see that first drawing that I made in English class in my head.  I have returned to this concept time and again because we all do affect the people around us with our decisions and actions. I thank Mr. Fuller for the lesson that has so positively changed my life and the life of people I don't even know.

A pebble doesn’t know the ripples it leaves on the pond.