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We Are All Linked

Dec 5 - March 22, 2015
Trees along the riverbank Saskatoon
Mendel Art Gallery to Meewasin Valley Centre

This is a project with the City of Saskatoon
The Placemaker Program

This installation is made up of interlinked hexagons covered in beeswax to create a visual, olfactory and sound as an
expression of the interconnected world we live in, where each link is only as strong as the ones surrounding it.

We are all linked through relationships, the environment, our community and our past experiences.
The interlinked hexagons are a symbol of this linkage. The environment functions in an absolute
way so that the loss of one link creates a huge problem. Currently colony collapse is a problem for bees.
This exhibition will comment on this through various sensory experiences. As wind and weather play a part
in this exhibition one important link may break causing the entire cluster to fall to the ground.
This is an ephemeral ever-changing exhibition with the clusters changing shape as the length of the exhibition increases.

There were:
11,043 individual clay hexagons created by Monique and the community
131 hexagon clusters created by Monique
97 hexagon clusters created by the community
918 people in Saskatoon participated in the project

Beginning on January 17, 2014, there will be an indoor exhibition at the Mendel Art Gallery that will compliment the outdoor exhibition.

Post a photo on instagram or twitter of the installation and tag @moniquesart #hexagons #hexagon #placemakerprogram #colonycollapse #bees #yxe

Ongoing Photos of the Exhibition

December 5 - Lost in the Frost


November 18 and 19

November 20 - 23

November 28

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Monique Martin with Support from Sask Terra Members

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