Imperious Intimacy

Ink on Mulberry Paper



Intimacy based on subtle nuances, shared history, collective memory and innate understanding of another’s thoughts is imperious in its very nature. The “imperious” and special intimacy that can only be gained through time and intimate knowledge of another is interesting in its energy.  Is the trip to becoming intimate with another ever over, or is it a never-ending cycle of getting to know a new person as they grow and change? Is the soul a place of facts? Or is it a shadow of the day before and the day before that???  Is there an invisible existing reality in each of us??? Our own souls as intimate and entangled as they are with us the person may not even be clearly definable or understandable to us.  It is doubtful that the soul and spirit is a place of facts and this series explores that concept with text and birds on a wire. We perch on the wire of our own understanding of our own personal imperious intimacy and with the intimacy of those around us ready to take flight to the next level of understanding when ready.


“We don’t even get safely and impartially to the outside contours of

another. On the way, the eye is diverted and blurred by all the wishes

and fantasies that make us the special, unmistakable human

beings we are.  Pascal Mercier


No one. No one even one who lives and breathes with another. We

know each other down to the smallest twitches of body and words.

We know and often don’t want to know what we know. Especially

when the gap between what we see and what the other believes

become unbearably wide. It takes divine courage and divine strength to

live with oneself in perfect truth.  So much we know, even of ourselves.

No reason for self-justification.  Pascal Mercier