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The Making of Continuous


Life is a continuous cycle of growing and changing, no matter who you are or where you live.
Nothing is static. Nothing stays the same.

Change is a constant in this evolving world we live on. The past wouldn’t be the past if there were no change.
The future wouldn’t be something to look forward to if it always stayed the same.

As humans, as animals, we are here for procreation, just like the bees. For humans it is more than just procreation;
we fill the remainder with goals, dreams and experiences far beyond procreation.  This is what causes change on this world.


This webpage will chronologically show
the making of my newest installation piece,
from the paper arriving at the door to final installation.

My work table is just about long enough but not quite.
It is definetely not wide enough.

Laying them out on the gym floor at my school to work on the overal composition of the installation, it was the only place large enough to do this.