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An Apple a Day

Have humans always searched for something to make them live longer?  The current health trends are herbal supplements,
antioxidant foods or power foods that will cure us and keep us living long. “An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away”
the familiar phrase, is a simple solution. The apple is probably the first nutritional and health advice we received
from society, however there is no single food that has magical health properties.
When did eating healthy become so much more complicated than just an apple a day?

We search for the answer to living longer and healthier. Many things can make us healthier but too much of anything
can be a bad thing for the body, only the dose make the poison, only the dose makes the cure. The common phrase
“Studies have found…” becomes confusing as studies contradict each other making it incredibly hard to make
healthy decisions. A further challenge to making healthy eating choices is what is advice from sources telling us what “they” say, who are “they”?

Clay, pages from "An Apple a Day" by Joe Schwarcz, acrylic, apple stems and wooden shelves