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Time for Potluck

This piece includes 12 napkins of people I would enjoy having at a potluck. I used a silkscreen technique to transfer their handwriting to the napkins and then stitched details on small parts of the napkins.

Recipes include

  1. Eleven Day Pickles (yes 11 days to make these)
  2. Chicken Hurry (My mother in laws recipe that uses leftovers)
  3. Buns (an apology letter with a bun recipe because she originally sent the recipe to my daughter in the mail without instructions on how to mix the ingredients)
  4. Carrot Cake (my deceased sister in laws recipe)
  5. Vegetarian Chili (my daughter has become a vegetarian to help save the planet)
  6. Bear Paw Soup (my husband’s recipe created after having a great soup at Grizzly Paw restaurant in BC)
  7. La salade de pomme de terres de ma mère (from my mother figure living in Paris)
  8. Gâteau aux oranges et amandes (from my mother figure living in Paris)
  9. Dandelion Wine (I am currently touring my exhibition of 2000 paper dandelions so thought this was an appropriate recipe to include)
  10. Chocolate Pie with Raspberries (my mother in laws, go to dessert in summer)
  11. Cheesy Potatoes (the never waste recipe as it uses day old mashed potatoes)
  12. Happiness (the most important recipe of all, how to be happy)

The napkins are arranged as a clock, because the time we spend with friends and family is so important.