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Serotiny - Nature's Breathturn


Environmental Costs
Ink on adding machine paper


This piece is already created and was displayed at the International Print Center, New York 2018.
It is a functioning adding machine with freshwater fish printed on the adding machine tape.
The concept is that oil spills not only cost financially to clean up but there is the also the
irreparable damage to the environment, that is impossible to put a value on. Each blade of grass
is priceless. Each visitor is able to put the number into the adding machine that they think an oil spill
costs the environment. They can take away the paper after they print it or leave it to form part of the installation.
The installation is intended to make people thing about how much clean water is worth to them.

Artist Statement
What do you think the cost is of an oil spill to our environment?? What is each blade of grass, drop of water
or wild animal worth to you? Rather than focus on how much a spill costs to clean up.
What is the cost of the lost ecosystem? Is it possible to put a price on it.

The flashpoint for the creation of this piece was an oil spill in a river in my province.
The North Saskatchewan River
runs between two major cities, North Battleford and Prince Albert. Both cities were without clean drinking water
for a significant amount of time. The spill was declared cleaned up after 93% of the oil was recovered.
This means that 7% of the oil is still moving in the environment and changing the ecosystem as of May 8, 2017.



International Print Centre - New York - 2018
Chapel Gallery - North Battleford - 2019
Cambridge Galleries,Cambridge, ON - 2019




Now and Forever
Ink and used motor oil on BFK

This piece is five interlocked mobius strips (the never-ending strip) that symbolize the never-ending
impact of an oil spill as the contaminants enter the water cycle and ecosystems. I used motor oil and ink
to print the pieces. The oil keeps changing the paper, eating away at its integrity. It does not smell anymore
but does evolve week to week, month to month.

Saskatchewan Craft Council - 2019
Galler Steel Rooms - 2019
Chapel Gallery, North Battleford j




Twists and Turns
Ink on log end, using rock to transfer the ink
printed at English Bay, Vancouver

Double Mobius Strip made from Stonehenge Paper

6 x 6 x 3"






New Beginnings

Fire Weed seeds in deep box frame
Seeds collected in the new growth after the forest fires in Northen Saskatchewan

9 x 9"







Ink on Masa Paper
Deconstructed Linocut Prints of a Beehive