Standing Alone
Oil on Canvas (8 out of 12 pieces shown here)
Each 40 x 60"

The tulip paintings are a way of representing human frailty. They are symbols of people experiencing all of the emotions, emotional baggage and scars inherent in living.  They are personal statements about society and people, our lack of acceptance of others and our wanting to be part of the larger picture.  Each painting captures an emotion through the tulips whether it is love, cruelty or a host of other feelings.

The stems, leaves, positions and color represent the ignorance in our society when somebody is “standing alone” and needs to be supported and no one recognizes it.  Tulips stand against the forces of nature just as each human “stands alone” against the forces of society.  We are alone in the emotions we feel, no person can truly know how we feel inside.

Each tulip and type of tulip was selected for very specific reasons, which is explained in the extended title cards.  The poems are stories of the people within the tulips, and the dictionary definition of each feeling is given to clarify the various meanings within our own perceived understanding.

Standing Alone - Passion

Standing Alone - Vulnerability

Standing Alone - Aging/Dying

Standing Alone- Eccentricities

Standing Alone - Ecstasy

Standing Alone - Joy

Standing Alone - Inadequacy

Standing Alone - Rejection