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Context is Everything - Seymour Art Gallery 2021


In Context is Everything, Saskatoon-based artist Monique Martin exhibits hundreds of realistic
paper dandelions in a sprawling installation that carpets the gallery floor.  They create an immersive
environment that uses symbolism to inspire joy, hope, and optimism.

Sometimes considered a weed, dandelions defy the order imposed around them; a golden infringement
on a carefully manicured lawn, a cheerful intervention in a crack in the sidewalk, a silent protest against
monoculture, disrupting the status quo. Martin's dandelions are a hopeful symbol of resilience that
encourage us to persevere. Interspersed among her dandelions are multicoloured silk screened
butterflies, a symbol of metamorphosis in Martin's work. She reminds us that throughout our lives,
we are in a constant process of transformation, and that tomorrow we will not be the same as we are today.

Context is Everything at the Seymour Art Gallery is the first exhibition where Martin's dandelions
and butterflies share the same space. Within the gallery, Martin creates an ecosystem where
visitors can imagine the butterflies drinking the nectar of the dandelions, floating from one
flower to the next, pollinating the plants as they feed. A symbiotic and metaphorical relationship
is formed between the dandelions and the butterflies: one where tenacity fuels transformation, and
change helps resilience grow stronger. It is a hopeful message,
and one that is more relevant than ever. -- Curator - Vanessa Black