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Context is Everything

This time in history is unique as we make split second decisions on everything from people to products.
With the swipe of a finger, we can dismiss something as unwanted.
The Goat’s Beard weed is beautiful, symmetrical and delicate; we dismiss it as a weed. If we did not know it was a weed,
would we think it is beautiful and cherish it? Context is Everything. If we didn’t have so many societal influences would
we accept everyone for who they are rather than make decisions influenced by society, race or religion?

Plants become weeds when they obstruct our plans, or our tidy maps of the world.
A weed is “a plant in the wrong place.” Richard Mabey

This series is the working stages. Some pieces are in various exhibitions, one touring with Dimensions




Goat's Beard on Paper
30 x 24"

Photo Credit Grant Kernan